Quality and certification for KORADO brand products


The brand KORADO represents a guarantee of high quality, long durability, outstanding performance and competitive pricing. Our aim is to offer a complete heating solution having a traditional base in the wide range of steel panel radiators RADIK, towel rail radiators KORALUX, design radiators KORATHERM and convectors KORADO. Recently we have introduced a new line in our product portfolio, a comprehensive range of local ventilation and heat recovery units which significantly extend the product portfolio of our company. We are using the most up-to-date technology within the industry in all our production plants which has been confirmed by granting the ISO 9001:2015 certificate acknowledging conformity of all production processes with the international standards of this demanding norm.

The high quality of the products of KORADO company is further proved by acquiring the national quality marks RAL (Germany). Quality marks for other important markets such as GOST for Russia, Ukraine. These quality marks declare that the high demands on the quality of used materials, construction and production of all our radiators and their regulary testing are followed.        

The quality management system ISO 9001:2015 in connection with the national quality marks guarantees the highest degree of quality of the products and of all activities of KORADO company on the European and world's markets.

The company KORADO, a.s. boasts the new ISO 14001:2015 certification, proving that it meets international standards for environmental management. It received this award after a challenging process that included reviewing and improving its environmental practices and processes.

Hygiene certificate

Steel panel radiators RADIK in the version HYGIENE, i.e. models RADIK CLEAN, RADIK CLEAN VK, RADIK HYGIENE and RADIK HYGIENE VK were tested in specialized accredited laboratories and acquired a hygiene certificate ( RADIK HYGIENE - HYGIENE VK, RADIK CLEAN - CLEAN VK) for use in health care institutions and other facilities with high demands on hygiene and cleanness. We have also obtained hygiene certificates issued by the Medical University of Gdańsk, Poland (Department of Health Sciences) for RADIK panel radiators, KORALUX towel rail radiators and KORATHERM design radiators.

Declaration of Performance and CE Marking for Radiators

We have issued the Declaration of Performance for radiators RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM and a complete range of KORADO convectors which was drawn up according to the Regulation No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the EC Council. The Declaration of Performance replaces the EC Declaration of Conformity (the Regulation 89/106/EHS of the EC Council has been cancelled). The Declaration of Performance includes among others the characteristic performance and intended use of the product. By CE marking on the products and in technical documentation the producer declares that he bears full responsibility for the conformity of the respective product with the performance stated in the Declaration of Performance.

The certification process was carried out by the Strojírenský zkušební ústav s.p. (Machinery Testing Institute), notified body 1015, Brno, Czech Republic.

Declaration of Performance (RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM) 04-2024


Declaration of Performance (RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM) 01-2018

Declaration of Performance (RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM) 04-2016
Declaration of Performance (RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM) 01-2015
Declaration of Performance (RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM) 12-2014
Declaration of Performance (RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM) 01-2013
Declaration of Performance (Convectors) 13-2014

Heat Outputs

The measurement of heat outputs of all KORADO radiators is carried out in accredited laboratories according to the harmonized standard EN 442.

Guarantee Period

We provide the following guarantee period for leakage and declared heat outputs and technical parameters of our radiators placed in hot water systems:

10 years guarantee Steel Panel Radiators RADIK

10 years from the date of sale (valid for radiators delivered after 1st September 2007)


5 years guarantee Towel Rail Radiators KORALUX, Design Radiators KORATHERM

5 years from the date of sale


2 years guarantee Towel Rail Radiators for Direct Electric Heating KORALUX – E, Design Radiators KORATHERM - E

2 years from the date of sale


The producer doesn’t assume any responsibility for deformations and damages caused during their transportation, handling and storage. The guarantee doesn’t apply to mechanical and other damages caused by unprofessional or unskilled installation of radiators or damages caused by incompetent electrical or plumbing installation. The detailed operation and guarantee conditions including the complaint procedure are stated in The Sales and Delivery Terms of the company KORADO, a.s.

The company KORADO, a.s., reserves the right to change the technical specifications without prior warning.


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