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KORATHERM design radiators are designed for all those who are looking for an effective combination of design and performance. Low or narrow spaces for installation of a radiator pose no obstacle these days. The KORATHERM design range is also suitable for atypical spaces in the house or flat. They can therefore be used as the ideal accessory for foyers, entrance halls and modern interiors. Vertically or horizontally aligned profiles can be found in the models:


All of the ranges offer a high standard even for the most discerning of customers. Not only aesthetic but also practical use is offered by the KORATHERM REFLEX version with a mirror. At KORADO, we also offer you the perfect design thanks to the wide range of colours which are available.


  • A large choice of sizes, types and ways of connection to the heating system.

  • The model KORATHERM AQUAPANEL is available in traditional hot-water, combined as well as direct electric version.

  • Suitable for all heat sources in pressurized heating systems. A wide variety of available colours.


highest allowed working pressure 58,02 psi

highest allowed working pressure 58,02 psi

vertical and horizontal design

vertical and horizontal design

highest allowed working temperature 230 °F

highest allowed working temperature 230 °F

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Method of operation

How will your radiator work? In the case of hot water heating, the radiator is connected to the heating system. The electric radiators are supplemented by a heating element and work only on electricity. Combined heating allows the connection of the radiator to the heating system and is also supplemented by a heating element that works on electricity. The radiator can thus operate independently of the operation of the heating system, and thanks to the heating rod you can reheat even when the heating system is not in operation, eg in the summer months.

Method of connection

Method of connection of the radiator to the heating system. Where is the water inlet and outlet located on the radiator?

Heating element

The heating element with integrated controller allows the temperature to be set using the controller that is part of the heating element. In the case of the variant without integrated controller, the rod operates in on / off mode. Accessories for easy operation can be purchased with this bar.

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Check out our new RADIK V-POWER. Radiator suitable for heat pumps. RADIK V-POWER

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