Surface Finish of Steel Panel Radiators RADIK

The technology used guarantees the achievement of three basic goals:

  • long-term corrosion resistance and mechanical durability
  • fine-quality finish
  • hygienic surface

The surface finish is done in three basic phases:

  1. Preparation of the steel surface - includes degreasing, phosphating, and rinsing in three stages.
  2. Putting on the first layer of paint using the cataphoretic method (KTL). The layer of paint is evenly spread over the whole radiator. The KTL paint gains its final anticorrosion, adhesive, and mechanical and chemical characteristics in a drying oven. 
  3. Putting on the final layer of paint - epoxy-polyester powder is applied using automatic dusting pistols in an electrostatic field of a dusting compartment. After it is oven dried and cooled, the finish of the radiator is completed.

The surface finishing of the radiators is done with a maximum effort to protect the environment, during production and use.

Radiators are delivered in white powder coat (RAL 9016) as standard, on request also in other colours. For more information on the colours available see please the colour card RADIK and KORALUX.

Conditions for use of steel panel radiators

Possibilities and limitations for using steel radiators with surface finish according to DIN 55 900 standard 
(Explicit comment from the Prague State Research Institute for Protection of Materials).

Touch up paint - CRAMER

Touch up paint with a brush is intended for repairs of minor damages of paint on the radiator surface.

Ceramic spray paint

Ceramic spray paint is intended for repairs of minor damages of paint on the radiator surface.


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