KORATHERM design radiators are designed for double-pipe heating systems with forced circulation of water. Closed steel profiles are used for the heating elements with a rectangular cross-section of 2 3/4" x  3/7" , distribution and collection profiles have an oval cross-section of 2" x 1 1/6" or as the case may be, a cross section in the shape of the letter “D” with dimensions of 1 4/7" x 1 1/6". Some types are supplemented with convector fins 1 7/9" deep.

Design radiators KORATHERM combine a modern design with an effective way of providing heat to the room. Due to the modern design the front surface produces a higher radiant type of heat and thereby gives a feel of thermal comfort. Design radiators are a modern solution and a practical complement to reception areas, entrance halls in residential as well as public building, shop windows, winter gardens, panoramic windows, corridors, lobbies, etc.

Radiators must be installed in a professional way in hot water systems which are carried out professionally according to VDI 2035 with regard to the protection against damage caused by corrosion and scale. The following main water quality attributes must be adhered to:

  • pH range 8.5 - 9.5 (this applies for systems which do not contain aluminium)
  • overall water hardness (content of Ca + Mg ions) up to 5.85 gpg (grains per gallon)
  • salinity within the range 300 - 500 μS/cm
  • oxygen content max. 0.1 mg/l.

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